Act Together

So its about time I got my act together and wrote a post or two.

“It is an ancient Mariner, and he stoppeth one of three”

This trip has been a dream of mine since I was 13 years old. For everyone out there who has dreams of a trip to just set a date and work for it. If you say something like one day or someday it will just keep getting pushed back. Set a date and work towards it.

This part of the trip has been wonderful. Sarah is an excellent travel partner and our personal interests seem to compliment each others fairly well. To all of you planing a trip or thinking about one I strongly suggest a travel partner. I have done a fair amount of traveling on my own and having another person there can be a big  mental help.

As for the trip. Its been great aside from today the weather has been amazing and even today’s weather is nothing to complain about. I having been keeping a notebook to record the event and here a few of the technical details for the trip.


Weather: Clear and Sunny
Temp: High 81 low 58
Distance: 61.15 Miles
Max Speed: 39.5 MPH
Travel Time: 4:52.12
Average Speed: 12.5 MPH
Height Gain: 1515 ft

Total Distance: 61.15 Miles



Weather: Mostly Sunny/ Cloudy late afternoon
Temp: High 72 low 52
Distance: 37.56 Miles
Max Speed: 34 MPH
Travel Time: 4:44.28
Average Speed: 7.3 MPH
Height Gain: 749 ft

Total Distance: 98.71 Miles


Weather: Overcast/ light rain past 15:00 pm
Temp: High 65 low 57
Distance: 41.37 Miles
Max Speed: 27.0 MPH
Travel Time: 3:09.27
Average Speed: 13.1 MPH
Height Gain: 701 ft

Total Distance: 140.08 Miles


Weather: Overcast/ Mist and drizzle past 16:00
Temp: High 65 low 62
Distance: 37.91 Miles
Max Speed: 25.0MPH
Travel Time: 3:07.36
Average Speed: 12.1 MPH
Height Gain: 749 ft

Total Distance: 177.89 Miles


For more on what happened each day you can rely on Sarah’s previous posts a bit more so far but I will be posting more. I promise.”

To everyone who has hosted us so far, thank you so much for all of your kindness and hospitality. I hope to be able to be as generous as all of you someday soon.

All the best,


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