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  1. Philip Schmidt

    Hi Sarah and Phil,
    You guys are on my homepage (4th tab but still good place to be) for my browser. Sounds like you are having fun but be careful with the falls. Sarah, I think that your present bike is great and will hold up – may have to buy new wheels but so what – efficiency is important. Anyhow, I saw that you were considering a mt bike and also saw that bike nashbar is having a great sale on a touring bike, Look at
    It is over half off and only $640 plus shipping. It has 105 derailleaurs which is good too. I would personally ride your bike into the ground and repair but just wanted to pass it on. Hopefully you had your bikes fitted so that you are the most efficient and least wear on you both. Weekend weather was nice and hope that you had a good time in NYC.
    Keep moving,
    Phil in West Hartford

  2. Sarah and Philip:

    Wow! I just read the blog up to Langhorne, PA. I am blown away by your (Sarah’s) ability to blog while travelling. Keep it up; I’m enjoying reading of your travels and want to follow you down the East Coast and beyond. After you left Orleans, Rick had ‘bet’ that the Fuji wouldn’t make it to FL. I said, of course it would (I was, and am still) resisting getting a touring bicycle for our up-coming trip. 80 lbs! I don’t know how you do it. I will be interested to hear if you whittle down the weight. Keep riding, and I’ll keep reading.–Julie (in Orleans MA)

  3. Lucia and Steve (Philadelphia, PA)

    Hi Sarah and Phil,

    Thank you for staying with us last night. We really enjoyed your company, and hearing about your adventures! We wish you the best of luck on your travels, and we’ll definitely be following your blog. If you ever find yourselves back in Philly, you have an open door at our place.

    Be safe,
    Lucia and Steve

  4. Hey Guys following along, Sarah glad to read you bought a touring bike be safe ..Michael

  5. Rick and Julie,
    Believe it or not, I thought about you when I bought my bike in Manhattan, and figured Rick would like to know that he was right about my Fuji not lasting all the way down the coast! I’m so glad you’re following the blog. It’s definitely a challenge to keep up with the blog after a long day, but I enjoy using it as a time to wind down before bed (although much of the time I’m so tired I just want to fall asleep).

  6. Hi Sarah and Dallas,
    Still following you guys on your Blog. We met in Covington, Georgia at Cowboys BBQ. Glad to see y’all are still riding!
    May God richly bless you!
    Jefferson Riley

  7. Hey,,Sarah your blog about TrustedHousesitters was right on!Vacation is a vacation But work is work! I haven’t joined any yet but I’m going to soon.Im 60And have been taking care of my Grandchildren But,it’s time for Grandma to get out and do some traveling!Which is what I’ve wanted for so long!I may be 60 but I don’t feel 60!The rest of my life will be traveling the world!!!!I never got to Kite Sail but always wanted to,,,,,,In the last few years I’ve done a lot of things for the first time.So even though I’m older what do you think or any recommendations for a Single lady doing this House Sitting thing?I don’t have a lot of money but I figure after my daughter is married come July 2016 I would have saved a few thousand!Thanks for the chat I love your blog!So exciting!And, if the Homeowner has a police report on the sitter?,Then how would I get one on the owner because you just never know!

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