Sarah and Dallas traveled from New Orleans to Newport, RI using a combination of craigslist ride shares, bicycling, hitchhiking and bus.  Below is a map of our journey:

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Current Stats:

photo by Greg Miller, October 11, 2011

On October 10th, 2011, Columbus Day in America, Sarah Thomas and Phil Kerr set off on an expedition to circumnavigate the globe via environmentally friendly modes of transportation: bicycling and sailing. Starting in Providence, Rhode Island, the first leg takes them south to New Orleans, where they work for the winter.  Plans changed when Phil had to return to Rhode Island prematurely, and Sarah met Dallas, who had ridden his bicycle from Portland, Oregon to New Orleans at the same that that Phil and Sarah were traveling there from Providence.

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  2. Sarah – I wish you and Phil all the best on this great adventure. I have added the website to my favorites to keep up to date on your endeavour. Be safe, be healthy and most of all, enjoy yourselves.
    Joan Fury

  3. I miss you so much and am so proud/jealous of you!

    P.S. your dragon is still on the banister.

  4. Good luck! We’ll be following along jealously!!

  5. WOW!!!!! you weren’t exaggerating when you said you were going around the world after Florida!
    remember me? Penny? with the megaphone? I am soooo impressed, touched, inspired, humbled, jealous, exhausted,proud, excited, nervous for you both!! and many more emotions that I cannot pinpoint.
    I wish I could follow you with my megaphone, cheering you on. God sent me a gift, having you two ANGELS cross my path this morning. I will keep following you both and send prayers for robust energy and safe navigations all the way around the world.
    Let me know if I can help you in any ridiculous way at all (besides give you money- I am broke…but only as far as dollars are concerned)
    Godspeed (in more ways than one)

  6. Love the Blog! Hope you are enjoying NYC!! ~Ash

  7. So proud of you two, this is such an awesome idea I only wish I could be a part of it.

  8. Sarah, I’m really enjoying your posts. Wish they were longer. And give us more pictures! I’ll be interested in reading about your escape from NYC. The bike route I saw called for climbing stairs in a few spots. Can’t imagine how you would do that with a fully loaded touring bike.

  9. Good Luck Sarah and be careful .


  10. Jessica Pagan

    Hi Sarah, can’t believe you’re doing this! Where in FL are you headed? I’m down in West Palm Beach (east coast south FL). If you’re headed this far south let me know.

  11. Kathy Mechnig

    What an amazing adventure!!! I hope both of you enjoy every mile of the journey – we look forward to following your stories. Take care of yourselves!


  12. Just read about your ‘flight’ from NY. What a nightmare! That’s one adventure I don’t ever have to experience. Still the GW bridge must have been breath-taking. (I warmed that you’d have to climb a mountain to get to Liz’s.)

  13. What an amazing cousin I have, Sarah! I’m happy for you that you’re fulfilling your goal! I’ll keep reading your posts. Have fun and be safe! Nadya

  14. All Blacks 2011 Rugby World Cup Champions!

  15. Brian and Carmen

    All the best on your trek from Baltimore. It was a pleasure meeting both of you and will be following all the way.

  16. Hey Jessica! Are you no longer farming in NY? We will definitely be going to West Palm Beach eventually, and I’ll contact you for sure when I know when it will be – probably in the spring after spending the winter working in New Orleans!

  17. You’ve finally managed to realize your huge dream, Sarah. This is absolutely terrific, my hat’s off to you!
    It sounds like you might be passing through Savannah, Georgia, as you head south? If so, I have some good friends that just moved there from Maine. She’s a model and fashion photographer that I’ve worked with extensively (I wrote to you in the Spring about the possibility of you being in her swimwear sculpture calendar), and he’s a sailboat man. They have a sailboat that there planning to circumnavigate with, somewhat like you. Anyway, Michelle says they’d like to meet you, there might be some modeling work, and, if you have sleeping bags, perhaps a place to stay. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll pass along contact info.
    Best wishes to you both. As we say to departing travelers in Chinese, “yi lu, ping an,” may your road be smooth and peaceful!
    Craig Dean

  18. Hi Sarah!
    Just got back to Toronto after spending Halloween in NYC.
    Glad to see everything’s going well with you and the bike.
    Hope you guys have a blast with the rest of your tour! I’m watching…

  19. I like the stats summary at the top of the page.

    You should plan a celebration for yourselves when you cross the 1000 mile mark.

  20. this is great. What are your plans when you two hit your first 1000 miles?

  21. We just celebrated our first 1000 today! First with pie, and then later with our couchsurfing hosts and beer!

  22. Congratulations on the first 1000. You already have North Carolina behind you–I guess you’ve earned a piece of pie and a beer!
    My friends in Savannah are very sorry they’ll miss meeting and working with you, but they send their best.
    We’ll all be avidly watching your progress through the next 23,000!

  23. What a stroke of good fortune for me to be able to meet you both at Publix yesterday! I will be very interested in following you – virtually accompanying you? – on this journey!

  24. Sarah,

    Totally awesome!!!


    Newport Pedicab

  25. Annette Alexander

    Sarah and Phil,
    Congratulations on reaching New Orleans!!
    I read your posts everyday and cheer on your amazing progress..even tho’ you can’t hear me.
    Enjoy your time and warmer weather in the Big Easy.

    Annette and Ray Alexander

  26. Holy crap. Yes, good luck.

  27. Sarah, what an amazing journey. Keep safe. Happy to be following your blog. Be well.

  28. I met you both outside at the sushi bar near Emerald Isle, NC. (That was quite a night) You are an inspiration. I will post your pic I took and your website on my facebook page to spread the word. Peace,

    Mari Ellen Brown

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