Our Causes

We are not only doing this for ourselves, but want to support charities along the way.  It is important to us to have a higher cause, and one message we would love to spread is that the world is navigable by bicycle.  We hope to inspire and increase all forms of bicycle riding, whether it’s for transportation, fitness, or fun.  When we do hold fundraising events and ask for money, we plan on directing the funds we raise to one of two charities to which we feel personally connected.

One charity that is close to Phil and Dallas is ALS-TDI, since both of them lost their grandmothers to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (aka Lou Gherig’s disease).  ALS-TDI is the research center devoted to finding a cure for ALS, and they host a three-day bicycle tour fundraiser from Boston to New York City called the Tri-State Trek.  Dallas and Sarah have another reason to want to support this charity, since our good friend and fellow pedicabber, Bobby Forster, was diagnosed in December of 2014 at the age of 25.  We are devastated by this news and are more motivated than ever to see a cure for this horrible disease.

For Sarah, the National MS Society is an important charity to support, since she lost her mother to Multiple Sclerosis in 2009.  This organization hosts a 150-mile bike tour every summer in various locations around the country.  Sarah has been connected to the Rhode Island Chapter in particular, and has been doing their bike tour since 1997.

Through our bicycling adventures, we hope to be able to make significant contributions to these charities, whether by fundraising or spreading awareness.

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