A Great Adventure

He holds him with his skinny hand,
“There was a ship,” quoth he.
`Hold off! unhand me, grey-beard loon!’
Eftsoons his hand dropped he.

This trip has been a great adventure so far. For the most part it has not been the land passed or the sights seen, its the people I’ve meet. All of you whom I have both stayed with and met on the road. You are who has made this the wonderful trip that it has been so far and that I am sure it will continue to be.

Unfortunately the media tends not to report on the general good that goes on in the world the kindness that seems overwhelming on the small scale, yet when it is repeated again and again as it has been on this trip it shows itself to be the norm. The norm that is ignored. The media only wants the sensational. That which tends to be sensational seems to be cruelty and violence, but for those who are reading this I can only say good things of the world.

I do not mean to say that the world is perfect and that people have not been exposed to sadness and cruelty. It is sad and true. But its not the norm

In the 24 short years that I have been around I have been fortunate to experience very little but kindness and sincerity from all of those around me.

In short I want thank everyone who has helped me so far up to this point, both on the road and in general.

All I can really hope for is that I can return the kindness in the same or greater proportion than what has been done to me so far. This ride, is a small expression of that will to help others. Thank you everyone who has been a part of it so far.

Thank you.


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